15 Critical Questions in finding a Keynote Speaker

1. Who are the most important stakeholders you need to please? Have you asked them whom they’d like as a keynote speaker?
2. Is it more important for the keynote speaker to be entertaining or to deliver a tangible “takeaway?”
3. Which personnel in the organization need to approve the keynote speaker?
4. Have you run your keynote speaker list by the major stakeholders?
5. If a recurring event, which keynote speakers have you used in the past? How much did you pay them? Which were the best rated? Can you use them again?

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6. Is there another department or partner company that also needs a keynote speaker that day in which case you can share the costs?
7. What is your keynote speaker budget?
8. Do you have budget for the keynote speaker as well as his/her travel? If necessary can you pull money from the travel budget to apply to the keynote speaker fee?
9. Is your audience a fixed number? Or, are you trying to attract more people and hence a big name keynote speaker will help the cause?
10. Are your dates flexible to accommodate a keynote speaker’s schedule or is your date set?
11. If the Keynote speaker requires props/personnel do you have additional budget to handle this?
12. Do you require the keynote speaker to arrive “onsite” 24 hours before the event? How flexible are you on this?
13. In the case the keynote speaker’s flight gets delayed or he/she is to ill to perform the day of the event, what is the back-up plan?
14. Are there any competitive companies that the keynote speaker can’t be affiliated with?
15. Do you have the iced champagne ready for when your keynote speaker rocks the stage and makes you look like a hero? Get ready to pop that cork!

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