Andrea Vahl on One Great Tip For Sales Prospecting Online

Andrea Vahl on One Great Tip For Sales Prospecting Online

Andrea Vahl on One Great Tip For Sales Prospecting Online

Recently all the authors involved with the Best Keynote Speakers did a roundtable where they were asked several questions.

Each author gave their thoughts on the question.  In this segment Andrea Vahl gave her thoughts on One Great Tip For Sales Prospecting Online.

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One Great Tip For Sales Prospecting Online Transcript:

Andrea Vahl:

My tip is to spend a little more money on advertising. There are some really great tools that you can use in Facebook advertising — which is my favorite form of advertising on the social web — because you can really dive deep into people’s interests. If you know exactly what your customer demographic is, you can narrow your Facebook ad directly to that demographic out of Facebook and advertise to them.

Now, there’s a couple of things I’d really recommend you do if you are going to use Facebook advertising. One is to not use the boost post that they have on your Facebook fan page. That goes to a wider range of people and you can’t narrow your targeting as well on that. Go back into the Facebook Ads Manager and use some of the rich keywords and precise interests to really narrow your target down.

The second thing I really recommend with Facebook advertising is to advertise your freebie. Those are the things that get the best traction in terms of clicks, opt-ins and things like that. Do not advertise your sales page directly. Advertise your freebie and then get people into your email marketing sequence so you can make that deeper connection with them.

You can really get some good click traces with Facebook ads if you go directly into the Facebook news feed — not the sidebar posts on there. Those are my three hot tips for making the most out of Facebook ads.

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