Chuck Martin on Mobile Marketing Policy

Chuck Martin on Mobile Marketing Policy

Chuck Martin on Mobile Marketing Policy

Recently all the authors involved with the Best Keynote Speakers did a roundtable where they were asked several questions.

Each author gave their thoughts on the question.  In this segment Chuck Martin gave his thoughts on a Mobile Marketing Policy.

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Mobile Marketing Policy Transcript:

Chuck Martin:

Mobile’s actually a little bit different because of the rules of the road, if you will. From telephone and opt-out we went online, and people went crazy because they were getting so much junk email. With mobile, there were real rules set up early on, mainly by the Mobile Marketing Association.

There’s what’s called a double opt-in which is what we recommend. A double opt-in is where you see a message somewhere asking you whether you want to receive messages from the sender on your mobile device. You say, “Yes, I do.” Then you get an additional, separate email saying, “Are you sure you want to get messages from us?” And you say, “Yes, I do.” That’s basically a double opt-in.

And with every message that goes out to a potential customer, you have to, at the end of every message, offer the recipient the chance to either stop the messages or opt out. The system should be set up so that whatever is texted back to you is recognized as that customer’s wishes — and if necessary, that’s the end of your communication.

One of the things you need to do, if you’re doing that kind of mobile searching for leads, is really keep an eye out for when people are opting out, because that’s a red flag for you that that’s the kind of messaging you need to stop doing. If several people are opting out, right away they’re basically telling you that’s the wrong thing.

Another thing that’s really important for mobile messaging is that the people you get who opt in — they really want to hear from you. What you have is an audience that really wants to interact with you. These aren’t just general people. These are your best potential prospects. So, you have to treat them with great care.

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