Chuck Martin speaking in Shanghai

Chuck Martin speaking in Shanghai

Chuck Martin is a leading mobile expert and highly sought after keynote speaker covering a variety of mobile topics including:

  • Mobile Marketing: In a world gone mobile, all information will be available to all consumers, all the time, creating new business challenges, from how to market in real time and how to market all the time.
  • The Rise of the Untethered Consumer: They have limitless boundaries and can interact wherever they are whenever they want. The risk of businesses not adapting to the mobile trend is twofold. First, to miss opportunities to market and relate to these untethered consumers and secondly to lose customers who find and interact with a competitors instead of you.
  • Location Based Marketing:  An opportunity for brands and marketers to insert themselves at the moment and on location to reach out to untethered consumers who seek immediate knowledge and service.
  • What Leading Companies are Doing with Mobile: Mobile innovation can come from almost any place in any organization. While a robust and growing mobile industry continues to fuel the technology power behind the mobile revolution, there are innovators at well known brands leading the charge in mobile inside their respective companies.
  • Social Goes Mobile: Social media is all the buzz in business today and the convergence of social networking and mobile devices is a very natural progression, leading to social networking on steroids. Mobile applications have been created for social media flat forms and for marketers the opportunity (and challenge) is to know when and how to participate or add value their customers within these venues.

Other topic include How to Use Smart Phone Technology to Reach Customers and The Push Pull of Mobile.

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