Guest Post: Pinterest and Instagram – Are they useful for an Event Planner?

{This is a Guest Post from Phyllis Khare – one of the members of Five Star Speakers}

Quick Answer:Yes and No.

I think we are rapidly moving into a visual learning world and you can see that clearly with the rise of infographics and sites like Pinterest.

I think our brains are changing to be able to absorb information with images. – Phyllis

The two largest, and most interesting visual sites right now are Pinterest and Instagram. Are they useful for event planners? I think they are useful for any business, but let’s dig a little deeper.

Pinterest for Five Star Speakers


I would certainly use Pinterest for marketing any type of event. You can have Boards for the pre-event videos, images from the event, promotional materials that would normally be sent in email campaigns and more. 

I would research Pinterest deeply before jumping in. You can go read through a few omy Pinterest Boards; Business Tips, Pinterest Resources, Marketing Firehose to get an idea of the range of things you can Pin.

Vital Pinning Process: You really must pin from your website. You want the traffic to show up on a space you control. Even if you are finding other images around the web, figure out a way to create a blog post or slideshow of these images that are hosted on your domain. then Pin from your website onto your Pinterest Boards. If you need to figure this out a bit better, I suggest you take one of the Pinterest courses that are popular right now.



Instagram can be very useful if the key organizers for your Event are already active on Instagram and post images from the Event, or pre-event activities. Those images need to be highly personal and interesting (not just a picture of the event brochure).

Interesting = Clicking through to find out more. Open up your personality and lead people to your soul (and website).

Now that Instagram has a web interface, the site is much more accessible and easy to find amazing people. Here’s a space to explore.

Vital Instagram Basics: Make sure you add the hashtag of your event to any pictures you upload.

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