How to Interview Your Next Keynote Speaker Using a G+ On Air Hangout

When contracting with a keynote speaker, see if they are available for a short video interview to promote your event. They might want to create a video themselves and send it to you, or be available for an interview.


Why Use Google+? Out of all the available services to record a video interview, a G+ On Air Hangout is one of the easiest to set up and use.


There is a big difference between a regular Google+ Hangout and an On Air Hangout. The On Air Hangout is broadcasted live and is automatically recorded and placed in your YouTube account. An On Air Hangout has these features:

  • Automatically creates a recording
  • The resulting YouTube video is editable
  • Easy to share the recording to social sites
  • The video embed code for your website is available right away
  • You can have a Live viewing audience from two portals; G+ and YouTube


As with all online tools, you need to test it out and make sure you understand how an On Air Hangout works before you ask your next keynote speaker to join you for an interview.


A little preparation first. A little preparation goes a long way when setting up a G+ On Air Hangout for your next keynote speaker interview.


Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Develop a set of interview questions or have your speaker provide them.
  • Assign someone as the tech person, as all sorts of things might need their attention (not yours) during the interview.
  • Test the process with someone on your team before interviewing the keynote speaker.  Work out the kinks.
  • If you can, assign someone other than your tech person to handle the comments and questions on the G+ interface and the YouTube view.


Edit and Share. Once the interview is over, head over to your YouTube account and see if you need to do any editing.  You can add a beginning video sequence, edit out any interruptions, add a closing credit and add the URL to your Event.


Make sure you add the tags, keywords, names, dates and location to the video, along with a completely filled out Description that includes your event URL and the keynote speaker’s website URL.  Then hit the Share button under the video and share it to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all your social sites. Use the recording to either ramp up interest in your Event or add value for Event participants.


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