Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette

Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette

Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette

Recently all the authors involved with the Best Keynote Speakers did a roundtable where they were asked several questions.

Each author gave their thoughts on the question.  In this segment Jamie Turner gave his thoughts on online etiquette.

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Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette Transcript:

Jamie Turner:

Erik made a very good point about how it’s a soft-sell approach. I always use this analogy.

You’re at a cocktail party and talking to somebody who is an insurance salesman. If the first thing out of their mouth is, “Hey, by the way, I hope you’re enjoying the beer. Did I mention I sell insurance,” it would be off-putting. But if they had opened up the dialogue and said, “Hey, let’s chat,” (and find out who you are as a human being first) and then rolled into a sales pitch, it would be a little easier of a go.

One of the key things, though, on that front is to ask questions that identify the pain point of the person you’re talking to. Let’s say you’ve gotten past the initial part and you’re starting to ask them questions about themselves — those questions should be leading questions that ultimately result in you providing a solution for them.

In summary, you want to start out with something that is just general in nature. That opens up the relationship. Then the second phase is to move into something that might be business-oriented where you’re asking probing questions that ultimately result in a pain point for them. That’s when you go in and say, “Okay, now that I understand you’re having problems with XYZ, maybe it’s a good time for me to mention that my company solves XYZ.”

That’s the process that seems to work pretty well for people using social media to go out as a lead generation tool.

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