Lon Safko on Online Etiquette

Lon Safko on Online Etiquette

Lon Safko on Online Etiquette

Recently all the authors involved with the Best Keynote Speakers did a roundtable where they were asked several questions.

Each author gave their thoughts on the question.  In this segment Lon Safko gave his thoughts on Online Etiquette.

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Lon Safko on Online Etiquette Transcript:

Lon Safko:

The most important thing, as you heard earlier, is never to sell. Don’t sell. You will get flamed. Flaming is when people remind you that it’s completely inappropriate to sell. And with the analogy that Jamie gave of being at a cocktail party, yes. You wouldn’t say, “Hey, how about that beer and oh, by the way, I sell insurance.” It’s really about building relationships.

Think about it. You don’t buy products from corporations. You buy products from individuals. The last time you bought a car, you bought it from an individual. A salesperson. And if you weren’t comfortable with that person — if you didn’t have a rapport or a relationship — more than likely, you would not have bought that car. But you don’t buy it directly from Ford or from Honda. You buy it from that person.

It’s really important to build relationships — because relationships lead to trust and trust converts to revenue. That’s the bottom line.

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