Phyllis Khare on Online Etiquette

Phyllis Khare on Online Etiquette

Phyllis Khare on Online Etiquette

Recently all the authors involved with the Best Keynote Speakers did a roundtable where they were asked several questions.

Each author gave their thoughts on the question.  In this segment Phyllis Khare gave her thoughts on online etiquette.

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Phyllis Khare on Online Etiquette Transcript:

Phyllis Khare:

I think it’s a little bit different, depending on the social site you’re on.

My experience on Twitter is that sometimes you have to have a little bit of humor because you need to be very pithy. If you’re going to be on G+, I think it’s very important to be intellectual about the question. To really bring your game to the answer as much as possible from the conversation. You can’t, in my experience, be flippant with an answer. I think that’s really important. Again, it depends on what social site you’re on.

I tend to move Facebook conversations offline into private messaging or to email instead of publicly sharing those conversations. I think Facebook is kind of a volatile environment and I would rather have those conversations offline, actually. Again, I think it depends on the social site you’ve having the conversation on, and I think each one is a little bit different.

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